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    Car accidents can lead to chronic injuries that impact your quality of life. It’s important to find the right treatment for your injuries as soon as you feel discomfort.


    We bill the at-fault insurance so care will cost you nothing and we can even help you deal with the insurance company. We are experts at helping you get the max settlement you deserve!


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  • Better Care. Better Settlement.


    Helping patients get a maximized financial settlement is a top priority for our doctors, second only to treating your injuries as quickly and effectively as possible. The accident was not your fault - you deserve the best treatment available without being responsible for the medical bills, and you deserve fair compensation for your pain & suffering.


    Believe it or not, the at-fault insurance company is financially responsible for your medical expenses and compensation!


    Unfortunately, that insurance company will do everything its power to pay you as little as possible. They will claim you are uninjured to avoid a settlement altogether, or they will attempt to reduce your settlement by downplaying the severity of your injuries.


    The good news is, these attempts will not work on you... because Genesis Physical Therapy is going to help you beat the insurance company!


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  • Medical Bill Guarantee!

    If you're not at fault, you pay nothing. No matter what.

    If you're not at-fault, the other driver's insurance company is required to pay for your medical treatment. Therefore, we bill the other driver's insurance company directly for your treatment.


    Genesis Physical Therapy will never charge you out of pocket and we will never send a bill to your health insurance company. In the rare case that your settlement does not cover your medical expenses, we would still not hold you accountable for the difference!


    If you are not at-fault for your accident, you will not pay for your medical care at Genesis Physical Therapy. It's that simple!

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